Brown Raises California Taxes

     Definition of a politician:  A man who can make his wife feel sorry for the girl who left her panties in his glove compartment.  Of course politics involves a lot more than just eliciting empathy; success also means appearing mainstream regardless of what stream you happen to be in.  Unless you are a […]


     It is said that your “character” is defined by what you do when you are certain no one is watching.  Unfortunately, this only works for you.  For everyone else, a company called Taser International now has the answer.  Taser has recently announced a tiny camera that can be clipped to, for example, a […]

Green Railguns

     Even the U.S. Navy is going green.  With all the press that the Tesla is getting lately, it was easy to miss Uncle Sam’s latest foray into electric propulsion.  In an effort to preserve the world’s dwindling resources of gunpowder, the Air Warfare and Weapons department of the Office of Naval Research recently demonstrated […]