Winners and Losers

wewon-010Our son (#23, center rear of photo) played basketball for a Christian High School in Colorado.  Several of their league rivals were also Christian schools.  Before every game, both teams would take a knee in the locker room and pray.  The ensuing games were intense, competitive, and often close.  Only one team won.

After the final buzzer, coaches and players from both teams would set aside the ball (and in this case, the State Championship trophy), form a circle at center court, and say a prayer together.  All of us learned how to win with humility, and lose with pride.

The winning candidate on November 8, with no government experience, military service or law degree, is the least qualified President in modern history.  All of us need to pray humbly together that, as he “drains the swamp” in Washington, he uses his business acumen in selecting wise counselors to replace them.  Choosing Mike Pence was a good start.

The losing candidate is one of the most qualified in modern history, but 30 years of experience carried with it 30 years of political baggage.  We should all be proud that she was the first woman major-party Presidential candidate ever.  Though she didn’t break through the glass ceiling, she made some serious cracks.

The buzzer sounded in the wee hours of November 9, signaling the time for all Americans to form a prayer circle around the flag of our great country and move forward with shared pride and humility.

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