Book Review:  Good Naked – Write More, Write Better & Be Happier by Joni B. Cole

Good Naked combines the author’s personal reflections and an occasional dose of humor with solid advice on improving your writing. It also helps debunk the myth that creativity and happiness cannot coexist.







Book Review:  The New Science of Consciousness – Exploring the Complexity of Brain, Mind and Self by Paul L. Nunez

“Thinking about thinking can make you crazy.” Famous thinker and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman said this, and it helps explain why no true theory of consciousness has ever been proposed.  It is difficult to even identify the presence of consciousness outside of our own little internal world, let alone account for it.  In his book The New Science of Consciousness, physicist turned neuroscientist Paul L. Nunez tackles this challenge using graphics, analogies and an occasional touch of humor to put the whole subject in layperson’s terms.  While he may raise as many questions as he answers, the book is an entertaining and provocative read for the existentially curious.





Interview: Prof. K.H. Kim, Author of “The Creativity Challenge”

How do we raise creative kids, increase our own creativity, or improve creativity in the workplace? Prof. Kim is the acknowledged expert.







Book Review:  ‘Brief Histories of Everyday Objects’ by Andy Warner

There is humor, along with an interesting fact or two, in many of the everyday objects that we normally wouldn’t think twice about. In Brief Histories of Everyday Objects Andy Warner uses his skills as both an artist and a storyteller to bring these to the reader in an entertaining way.





Book Review: ‘The Creativity Challenge:  How We Can Recapture American Innovation’ by K.H. Kimthe-creativity-challenge-80p

Over the past quarter century, America’s knee-jerk reaction to rising Asian test scores has driven our education system in precisely the wrong direction.  In The Creativity Challenge:  How We Can Recapture American Innovation, K. H. Kim explains the real meaning of creativity and why there is a problem.  She then lays out a five-part plan to avert the looming crisis.

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