Brown Raises California Taxes

     Definition of a politician:  A man who can make his wife feel sorry for the girl who left her panties in his glove compartment.  Of course politics involves a lot more than just eliciting empathy; success also means appearing mainstream regardless of what stream you happen to be in.  Unless you are a second-term POTUS, there is also considerable pressure to enhance your popularity at every opportunity.  And then there is Jerry Brown, the balding, raspy-voiced, 74 year-old California governor, notable for his austerity as well as his lack of interest in running for President.  California’s finances, in case you haven’t heard, were a complete train wreck.  Having cut government spending to the bone, Jerry moved on to the unpopular business of raising taxes.  According to the polls, he has elicited the empathy of more than two-thirds of his constituency.  For a break from the Republican pre-nomination circus which is just starting to ramp up, check out Jerry Brown.

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