Answers, Now and Later


      You are a professional big game hunter in the remote grasslands of South Africa. You are widely known and respected for a reason; you are very, very good at what you do. On this particular day, a young trainee who has shown great promise accompanies you.

     It is a warm afternoon, and a light breeze floats in from the North. As if on cue, the two of you lock eyes, then turn toward a low rumbling sound in the distance. In the midst of a swirling cloud of dust, a solid shape emerges. You both recognize the two-ton rhino, closing in at 30 mph.

     You ready your rifles. There is time for only one shot. Your companion has consistently posted good scores on the shooting range. You, on the other hand, never miss. Do you trust her, or just shoot the rhino and end this now? Unless you act quickly, this beast will hurt you.

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