It is said that your “character” is defined by what you do when you are certain no one is watching.  Unfortunately, this only works for you.  For everyone else, a company called Taser International now has the answer.  Taser has recently announced a tiny camera that can be clipped to, for example, a pair of glasses.  The device can record up to two hours of video, and then upload it through a docking station to’s cloud storage system.  It is initially intended for use by police officers; it will presumably make them more accountable for their use of Taser’s other, more controversial product, the electric-shock gun.  There are volumes of research on Tasers showing them to be safe, but the majority of the positive studies were funded by Taser International, who presumably thought no one was watching.  Personally, I think Tasers are a necessary evil.  How could we expect 8 police officers to control a single, unarmed protester unless they are provided with the proper tools?

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